The hotel is located amidst unspoiled nature in total harmony with the forest, the mountains and the sea. The view is unique· the mountain range of Taygetos and the sea. Every morning, the sun rises from the sea giving you the opportunity to enjoy the rose-fingered dawn. In Marathea you can find the other face of Greece, far away from the crowded tourist places. Time seems stagnant in accordance with the tranquility that nature offers.

The hotel, as part of a large farm, is surrounded by olive trees, wild flowers and aromatic herbs. The fresh air, the rare wild flowers, the ancient paths, a great number of Byzantine monasteries as well as our multiple activities turn your stay at our hotel a unique experience.

Large, quiet and sandy beaches are within four miles distance from our facilities.

The hotel has been working with a large team of experienced and well-known professors originating from different European countries.

Marathea/Elaia: NL: T. +31 20 662 1474, GR: T. 2733061410 Email: