Greek Language

Greek Language with Themistokles Sarelakos The workshop Learn Greek in Greece is a course of dreams. The hotel is located far away from tourist centers, in the Marathea village. Learning Greek in Marathea is practically a two week course taking place within a relaxed atmosphere under the sun. The workshop […]

Visual Arts

Visual Arts with Barbara Perquin Creative Week Specially in spring, when nature in Greece has come to full bloom, this workshop is organized by Barbara Perquin (sculptor) and Manuela Jalimsing (artist graphics an visual arts teacher). The week is suitable for anyone who wants to boost or deepen creativity, in […]

Hiking in Greece

Wandelen in het Parnongebergte. Hiking in Greece with Themistocles Sarelakos Hiking Mani, the middle peninsula at the south of Peloponnese, is a fascinating landscape for hikers. The area is dominated by two major mountain ranges: Mount Taygetos and Parnon. Numerous paths can be found on valleys that extend through plains, […]