Critical Alignment Yoga Jacoline

Critical Alignment Yoga

with Jacoline Norden

The workshop

The Critical Alignment Yoga which is offered through this workshop, allows you to develop a light and agile posture.We will therefore learn to relax parts of our body that are usually stiff and tense. Using various tools and giving attention to our breathing methods, in order to support us in releasing the tension held in our body.

The internal muscles of your body will learn to bear you up and your movements will become lighter and brighter. If power fails, there is space ...

Pranayama and meditation are an integral part of the lessons. We are out in the Greek nature, practicing and moving together. In such a special place, there is certainly a positive stimulus and an extraordinary experience for exercising yoga.

The trainer

Jacoline Norden is practicing yoga for over 20 years since she graduated as a teacher at the Bharata Yoga Institute in Amsterdam. Her yoga classes follow the concept of Critical Alignment (CAYoga), as developed by Gert van Leeuwen. She gives yoga - and therapy classes and workshops in and around Amsterdam. As a Master (meditation / pranayama) she is also involved in the training for becoming a yoga teacher from the CA Institute. She has also studied "art, culture and education" at the University of Utrecht