Greek Language

Greek Language

with Themistokles Sarelakos

The workshop

Learn Greek in Greece is a course of dreams. The hotel is located far away from tourist centers, in the Marathea village.

Learning Greek in Marathea is practically a two week course taking place within a relaxed atmosphere under the sun. The workshop mainly includes speaking to each other and communicating with the locals. Theory and grammar are discussed. For example in the class we will talk aboutthe production of organic olive oil, local wine and honey. The procedure of cooking our daily food is explained in Greek, while after the lessons we cook together several times, in order to come in contact with Greek cuisine, terms and words.

The program

In the free time apart from the schedule of your workshop, you can participate in a hiking tour. We visit villages where time seems to stand still. You can also participate in excursions to archaeological sites. During these activities, we only speak in Greek.

The teacher

Themistocles Sarelakos was teaching Greek almost 27 years at the Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam and Volksuniversiteit Haarlem. He is the author of two books “Methodos”, the glossary “Methodos” and the book “Greek Palaia, Sychrona kai Afirimena”. He is also specialized in the areas of mythology, history and art of Greece.

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