Hiking in Greece

Hiking in Greece

with Themistocles Sarelakos


Mani, the middle peninsula at the south of Peloponnese, is a fascinating landscape for hikers. The area is dominated by two major mountain ranges: Mount Taygetos and Parnon. Numerous paths can be found on valleys that extend through plains, hills, and mountains, giving you the opportunity to come across various elements of Greek culture. In every corner of a path a Byzantine church full of frescoes, remains of Doric temples and breathtaking sea views accompany you.

Your guide

You can also take your own walks. The tours are guided by Dr Themistocles Sarelakos who possess extensive knowledge of the trails, the flora and fauna, the cultural characteristics of the Peloponnese. He has hiked Andes, Himalayas, Mount Atlas, the Alps, Madagascar and Mount Kenya.


Greek Easter

in the village of Marathea


In the old church of Marathea you can witness multiple beautiful frescoes and feel the atmosphere and the mystique of the traditional Greek Easter. Easter time is also ideal for walking numerous old paths surrounded by wild flowers and trees while enjoying traditional villages.

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Cultural excursions

a taste of the old Greece

5000 year of history

During your stay at Marathea Hotel you can participate in special excursions to ancient temples, Mycenaean tholos tombs of classical antiquity, Byzantine churches and monasteries, castles and traditional Mani towers. Such highlights turn Lakonia region appealing to anyone who loves nature and culture. Such spots are not really known to most of the guides in the Peloponnese area. Unique cultural attractions can be found across Lakonia, Messenia and Arkadia regions.
Our bus turns our trips a pleasant experience, while Captain Kyriakos’ fishing boat offers unique tours around remote bays and beaches.