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workshops of 2023

Workshop by from till
Hiking Themistokles Sarelakos 5 April 12 April
Greek Easter 12 April 19 April
Creative Week Manuela Jalimsing, Barbara Perquin 26 April 3 May
Sculpture Barbara Perquin 8 May 15 May
Hiking Themistokles Sarelakos 8 May 15 May
Retraite Yoga Spot Lahma Muris & Margriet Verhagen 23 Sept 30 Sept
Hiking in Taygetos Themistokles Sarelakos 7 Oct 14 Oct

Reservation & Conditions

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Booking Terms

After receiving your reservation form and as soon as the registration fees (€ 375) are deposited to our account your booking will be valid. Then, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
By signing the reservation form you agree to the terms below as presented to our website and you accept the validity of information as stated in our brochure and our website.
All participants in our workshops are required to have a travel / accident insurance prior to their departure. We also recommend you to have a travel insurance that includes cancellation coverage at a company of your choice. Please read carefully the terms of your travel/ health / cancellation insurance and check if the activities implemented by our hotel are covered.
We are not liable for any injury / illness during your stay and your trip to Hotel Marathea as well as for your return to your country. Your participation in the walking tours and cultural excursions is at your own risk. Hotel Marathea reserves the right to cancel the workshop six weeks prior your departure in case participation is low.
We will work with you in order to find a solution. If no alternative is available you will receive a full refund of your payment related to your travel.

Cancellation Terms

Cancellation taking place:

At least 6 weeks prior to the departure date: 100% refund of total amount.

5 weeks prior to the departure date: 80% refund of total amount.

4 weeks prior to the date of departure: 60% refund of total amount.

3 weeks prior to the date of departure: 30% refund of total amount.

2 weeks prior to the date of departure: 15% refund of total amount.

1 week prior to the date of departure: 15% refund of total amount.

The cancellation terms apply for any bookings. With regards to your refund all costs incurred will be deducted.

Costs that are deducted:

  • Flight Costs
  • Booking fees
  • Administration costs
  • Unforeseen costs related to booking

Please inform us on your cancellation by by e-mail. In a different case the entire travel fee will be charged.

Please note: The full payment to our bank account (NL85INGB0004870994, beneficiary ELAIA AE) should take place at least
30 days prior to your departure.


After filling out the reservation form and 30 days before your departure please proceed to the payment of the overall amount to the ING account NL85INGB0004870994 (beneficiary name ELAIA AE).
ΙΒΑΝ NL85 INGB0004870994,
Without deposit your booking is not valid.

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