Visual Arts

Visual Arts

with Barbara Perquin

Creative Week

Specially in spring, when nature in Greece has come to full bloom, this workshop is organized by Barbara Perquin (sculptor) and Manuela Jalimsing (artist graphics an visual arts teacher). The week is suitable for anyone who wants to boost or deepen creativity, in a peaceful environment. We let go of thoughts and start shaping through drawing, mixed media, and mosaic.

As we nature experience, we capture it through simple techniques under Manuela's guidance. Work continues as a small series made up of different layers, with a touch of humor from the Greek Gods. With playfulness and lightness, Manuela tries to illustrate one or your story to the surface.

A small mosaic to take home is made under guidance of Barbara. We use little stones of all shapes and colors from the environment and from the beach. Drawing from perception makes us look closer and find colors, shapes and patterns. In line with this we come to a design for the mosaic. While puzzling we use the material in such a way that it comes to a whole, specific to your experience.

Finally, at the end of the week there is a opportunity to make a piece of jewelry in which something from the other techniques used, a sketch, idea or material can be incorporated!

Sculpture workshop

As the first introduction to sculpture, or for those who want the peace and space to work. We work in marble and other types of stone from the area. In principle we work directly in the stone with hammer and chisel, machines can be used when necessary.  Sculpture doesn’t have to mean a carved stone. For those who do not use stone cutting, it is possible to work spatially with stone in another way. Other materials can also be used, such as plaster, clay, metal, wood. Without an idea for a sculpture or even convinced not to be creative at all, we will find a starting point somewhere. From there we continue to work towards an end result. The workshop focuses on skill, training the eye, and becoming aware of visual language. The landscape appeals to the imagination and in nature we will see so many forms. By watching and doing we create also space in our head!

The program

Four days a week we work in the morning at 09:00 to 12:00. During the rest of the days you are given the possibility either to take a part in an excursion or schedule your own time. Every afternoon the bus heads down to the beach.

The teacher

Barbara Perquin completed her education in at the Royal Academy in 1998. In 1997 she worked at the Academy of Athens. In Amsterdam, she followed didactic training for artists. She works with bronze, stone and wood.

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